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Smart power

Energy of the future

Energy is the keystone of all systems, with always increasing need for it. Sourcing, storing and routing energy is still a major issue. Exactly the necessary amount of renewable energy produced right on spot is becoming a key option in the energy mix. Save Innovations is in line with this approach by recovering energy from low rates water flows.

Smart water

Smart water grid

With more than 20% water leak and an average age of 50 years, the french drinking water network is currently under continuous upgrading while integrating modern telemetry tools needed for efficient management. Responsible handling of the global water ressource and quality calls for real time measures, controls and data collecting. Save Innovations solutions generate the required electricity for modernizing the water grid.

Data monitoring

Connected water grid to improve the quality of service

In a connected world, data is paramount. Collecting and processing this very large amount of data is made possible by connected objects and artificial intelligence . Save Innovations makes available the energy component required by this revolution.

Our solutions

Market trends

Save Innovations offer is dedicated to securing (energy & quality) water networks.


Case Study

Water networks: Sectorisation

Sectorisation is an efficient means of controlling water leaks. It is essential to have real-time information at key points of the networks.

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Water networks: Collection

It is important to control drinking water quality at source. It is essential to have real-time information on the physical and chemical properties of the water.

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