Save Innovations

Save Innovations designs, manufactures and markets innovative solutions to face the energy challenges of the future.
Above all, it is a family-sized business with a team attentive to your needs.

The team


Benoît Annequin

Production technician


Anissa Brazane

Administration and finance manager


Emmanuel Dufour

R&D designer


Rosa Gharibian

Investor relations manager


Fodil Ghezzal

Sales engineer


Romain Liria

Industrial manager


Bernard Perrière

Chairman and technical director


Faye Riegel

R&D engineer


Olivier Salasca

Sales and marketing director


Théophile Vanbockstael

R&D manager


Josselin Wagrez

Administration and accounting assistant

The technology

A breakthrough innovation

The only turbine that produces electricity from flow speeds as low as 2l/s

Save Innovations proposes autonomous (low or very low voltage) electricity production solutions that use the very low speeds of hydraulic or aeraulic fluids.
These solutions enable production of just the electricity required for consumption valuing available energies that are not currently used. Moreover, they offer sustainable benefits. Save Innovations has designed a perfectly integrated assembly comprising:

• A drive system (propeller or turbine) to collect the energy from the fluid.

• A new kind of generator: the innovative aspect is this generator which transforms this energy into electricity.

• A regulator to optimise the low currents and deliver the required voltage.

• An integrated bypass to avoid the need for network derivation and to ensure network safety in the event of sudden high flow speeds.


Product available based on the technology

PICOGEN® pico-turbine

The PICOGEN® innovation offers access to a renewable energy on the spot, by valuing the hydraulic flows unused potential, in a move towards a more responsible energy mix and reasoned consumption.

The PICOGEN® technology, with its multiple patents, opens up new possibilities by using energy from low speed flows.

The easy installation and limited maintenance requirements of the PICOGEN® solution result from its stream-lined design, devised to make life easier for users.

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We work with the following players on the drinking water networks market:

  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Specialised distributors
  • Design offices
  • Public authorities
  • Water boards

Water syndicates Private operators

of Save Innovations

  • Market launch of PICOGEN®
  • Signature of strategic partnership agreements
  • Hydréos competitiveness cluster, Water sector

  • Validation of the PICOGEN® proof of concept at pilot drinking water network sites

  • Energized by Tenerrdis winner
  • Manufacture of the first pre-series with the help of FEDER



  • Hydrogenerator: i-Novo Tech winner
  • Pico-turbines installed at pilot sites



  • 2nd investment round on a crowdfunding platform



• Entry into the sailing market (hydrogenerator)
• Technical validation of the pico-turbine prototype on a hydraulic test bench
• 1st investment round on a crowdfunding platform

  • Entry into the sailing market (hydrogenerator)

  • Technical validation of the pico-turbine prototype on a hydraulic test bench
  • 1st investment round on a crowdfunding platform

  • Tenerrdis competitiveness cluster, energy transition

  • Technical partnership agreement signed with a market leader key account
  • Hydraulic turbine technological development
  • Pico-turbine technological development
  • Fundraising operation with Love Money
  • Company creation

  • Incubation


Save Innovations is a certified “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” (a French label for innovative young companies) and enjoys the support of multiple national technological and financial partners.

Case Study

Water networks: Sectorisation

Sectorisation is an efficient means of controlling water leaks. It is essential to have real-time information at key points of the networks.

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Water networks: Collection

It is important to control drinking water quality at source. It is essential to have real-time information on the physical and chemical properties of the water.

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