Market trends

Optimising drinking water management



Drinking water distribution

Safe, sustainable distribution of quality drinking water to the entire population. Leaks’ control to preserve our water resources.



Control and management

Real-time control and management of drinking water networks from source to consumer.



Smart power

Bringing intelligence to drinking water networks by supplying electric power to real-time data collection devices.

Smart water Smart power

Controlling resources

The natural resources of our planet are not infinite, which is why reasoned management of water leaks is essential.

Renewable energy

Energy is the cornerstone of all systems and energy demands are growing constantly. Alternative and renewable sources are one solution to this problem.


Access to drinking water is a fundamental right, making the quality and proper distribution of this precious resource is essential.


Being able to collect the energy available and only the energy actually needed at the consumption site brings to the energy mix the flexibility that is essential for reasoned management of the resource.

Simplified management

Monitoring the state of water collection and distribution networks is an arduous task. The generation of real-time data now plays a key role in efficient and profitable management.


The management of complex systems has become dependent upon real-time data availability. The energy autonomy of data monitoring equipment throughout the network is a basic requirement.

Case Study

Water networks: Sectorisation

Sectorisation is an efficient means of controlling water leaks. It is essential to have real-time information at key points of the networks.

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Water networks: Collection

It is important to control drinking water quality at source. It is essential to have real-time information on the physical and chemical properties of the water.

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