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Smart Picogen

Easy to set-up and energy self-sufficient, able to detect anomalies on drinking water pipelines and transmit real-time warnings to operators. The SMART PICOGEN is a concentrate of technology that brings together in the same body a set of high-performance existing and innovative devices directly on the pipeline to carry out all the necessary measures to ensure efficient water diagnostic in real time.

The SMART PICOGEN will allow to measure water network characteristics (water flow and pressure) and water quality (free chlorine, pH, turbidity, conductivity and temperature), to collect and transmit data (locally to industrial controller, and remotely to the supervision centre) while producing, storing, and managing the energy needed for measurements and transmission.

The strength of this innovation beyond its technical performances lies in its design. Indeed, despite a complex technology build-up, the intelligent design maintains a simple use: operators can easily install the SMART PICOGEN in the water network, like a standard pipe fitting, and instantly receive the relevant water characteristics in their surveillance system.

The SMART PICOGEN is scalable by design, and thus can be upgraded with the addition or renewal of functions over time. The SMART PICOGEN is the dream solution for network operators; easy to set up, all-in-one (full range of features), scalable, energy self-sufficient and less expensive than all existing solutions.

To summarize, the SMART PICOGEN eases the transition from an ageing water network to an efficient smart water network according to European and Green Deal Challenges.


The PICOGENĀ® technology is based on a patented breakthrough innovation.
This solution offers access to an energy resource that is currently unused, at the actual site of consumption.

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An in-line installation on the pipes, easy (fixing flanges to flanges) and fast.


Adapted to the different needs of water networks thanks to its scalable removable cassette system.


Low maintenance by design, no moving seals or lubricants.


Generates its own energy through the recovery of flows, no additional connection is necessary.


Complete control of your quality monitoring operations through secure data.


Real-time transmission of measurements and equipment operation.

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Water networks: Collection

It is important to control drinking water quality at source. It is essential to have real-time information on the physical and chemical properties of the water.

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