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SMART PICOGEN in the Region

The AURA Region has just validated, through the AAP – Territorial Innovations and Experiments, its support in our approach to installing SMART PICOGEN pilots on the territory.

The objective is to set up at least 5 SMART PICOGEN pilots with public operators in the region. This grant also supports communities wishing to experiment with innovative solutions in their drinking water management.

For those who would be interested in joining the adventure and benefiting from the regional influence of such a project, contact us: or

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Chasing the leaks

In France, every year, 1 litre out of 5 is lost through leaks. This represents 937 million m3 of drinking water, the equivalent of the annual consumption of about 18 million inhabitants, which is not billed. With an average water price of €3.5, this represents nearly €3.3 billion in annual losses for operators.

Despite this alarming fact, one argument persists: that water from leaks is not lost, since it returns to the natural environment. And even if this argument is not totally false, other considerations must be taken into account in this situation…

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Visit of the Minister for Ecological Transition, Mr Christophe Béchu

As part of his trip to Isère, the Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, Mr Christophe Béchu, visited Save Innovations.

The objective of his visit, according to the ministerial services: “To observe the extent of the water crisis in this department particularly affected by the drought episode and to meet the public and private agents mobilised on the subject”.

The programme included a visit to the company and Save Innovations’ #SMARTWATER solutions. The visit continued with a round table discussion on current issues.

Thank you to the personalities who attended this day!

Click here for a summary of the day:

Visit of the Minister of Ecology on 01/08/2022 

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Feedback from the CGLE 2022

The Save Innovations team was present on June 29 and 30 at the Carrefour des Gestions Locales de l’Eau, alongside 30 co-exhibitors from the France Water Team innovation village.

The opportunity to present our innovations, to discuss the challenges of water resources, and to attend the conferences organized during this event.

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