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Water, industry, pollution - Guide to technical innovations 2018

PICOGEN® the new generation pico-turbine

The Save Innovations pico-turbine is easy to install in pipes and enables electricity to be produced even from very low speed water flows…

Annemasse Agglo press release

Annemasse Agglo innovates and saves water with a start-up from Grenoble

Following the highly conclusive results of the experiment related to the PCAET strategy, Annemasse Agglo and Save Innovations have signed an agreement to enable the agglomeration to keep the pico-turbine in order to remain autonomous on this isolated site.

L'Usine Nouvelle

Save Innovations takes the plunge with its pico-turbines

With its hydraulic pico-turbines, able to extract electricity from low speed currents, Save Innovations has developed a breakthrough innovation.

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