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Water is at extremely low levels in Turkey after the lack of rainfall and leads to the most severe drought in a decade:

Turkey drought: Istanbul could run out of water in 45 days


The start-up VH93 presents at CES in Las Vegas digitized, its tidal turbines made from bio-based and recyclable materials, capable of extracting energy from rivers, tidal currents and even waves:

A Aix, VH93 dévoile ses hydroliennes capables d’extraire l’énergie de l’eau


Forced to set up a device for disinfecting its drinking water, Eau de Mulhouse has opted for ultraviolet treatment instead of chlorination, which is considered too expensive and too troublesome from an organoleptic point of view:

Mulhouse opte pour la désinfection UV de son eau potable


UK water companies have joined forces in the international Race to Zero campaign, pledging to provide their customers with a zero-carbon water supply by 2030. Their roadmap estimates potential investments £ 2 billion to £ 4 billion to tackle emissions associated with providing clean water to more than 28 million homes and businesses:

UK water companies unite on Race to Zero

Smart Water business intelligence