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By 2025, the UN says demand for water is expected to exceed supply by 40%, meaning that nearly a third of the world’s population could be facing water stress. In this article, the CIEAU explains to us what water stress consists of, which geographical areas are concerned, what are the causes and consequences and finally, how to act to reduce it as much as possible:

Qu’est-ce que le stress hydrique ? Comment y répondre ?


Controlling the risk in drinking water is a major health security issue. New solutions are appearing for measuring microbiological quality, but their cost is still a barrier for operators. The application of the new drinking water directive should help boost the market:

Contrôle sanitaire des eaux : des progrès dans la surveillance microbiologique


A UN human rights expert called for a strong and swift global response to the worsening global water crisis, saying climate change has become a “risk multiplier” – exacerbating the pollution, scarcity and disasters:

UN expert: Water crisis is worsening, urgent response needed


The Ariege Departmental Mixed Water and Sanitation Union (SMDEA 09) and RÉSEAU31 have decided to come together to pool their respective projects to strengthen the production and transport of drinking water between the Garonne-Salat and Garonne-Arize confluences. The overall cost of the project is estimated at 45 M € (19 M € for SMDEA09, 26 M € for RÉSEAU31) with 30 to 55% assistance from the Water Agency:

Sécurisation de l’eau potable : le smdea09 et réseau31 font cause commune

Smart Water business intelligence