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Smart Water business intelligence week 03/01/2022


Water resources will be one of the main indicators of the effects of climate change in the Grand Est. HYDREOS offers a white paper in which are exposed its effects and impacts, as well as the solutions that exist for resilience:

[HYDREOS] Livre blanc – Eau et adaptation au changement climatique dans le Grand Est


By combining electronics and data modeling, a team of researchers from Aarhus University (Denmark) has proven that it is possible to perform very precise and non-invasive groundwater measurements in previously inaccessible areas:

New breakthrough in surface-based groundwater measurement


Cerema and the International Office for Water (OiEau) signed a framework agreement on December 14 to pool their skills on operational transfer and support for public policies on water in cities:

Accord entre le Cerema et l’OiEau pour un meilleur accompagnement des politiques de l’eau


The World Bank has approved additional funding of $ 150 million for the Karnataka Urban Water Supply Modernization Project (India) to accelerate the state’s efforts in providing a continuous water supply to the city. all the populations of three of its cities:

India: State of Karnataka gets additional $150 million from World Bank to provide continuous piped water supply in three cities

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