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Smart Water business intelligence week 04/10/2021


In Vendée, public managers and Veolia have joined forces to launch a wastewater treatment project for domestic purposes. The idea is to transform this wastewater into drinking water to limit water shortages linked to global warming:

La Vendée veut réutiliser les eaux usées pour produire de l’eau potable


Engineers at MIT have developed a new approach to removing lead or other heavy metal contaminants from water, in a process much more energy efficient than any other system currently in use. This device could be used to treat water supplies contaminated by lead in homes, or to treat industrial process water:

[MIT] A new method for removing lead from drinking water


A decree of September 10, 2021 aims to define the cases where it is necessary to set up protection systems for water supply and distribution networks intended for human consumption against backflow, depending on the uses of water in the building and the level of risk incurred:

Eau destinée à la consommation humaine : dispositif contre les pollutions par retours d’eau


The European Investment Bank (EIB) has just granted Emasesa a financing of 75 million euros to support investments in water infrastructure in Seville and in the surrounding municipalities between 2020 and 2024, with the aim of improving the quality of services. Emasesa, whose majority shareholder is the Municipality of Seville, is the entity responsible for providing water services to the city of Seville and 11 cities in the surrounding metropolitan area:

Spain: EIB provides €75 million to finance water infrastructure investments in Seville

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