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Smart Water business intelligence week 06/06/2022


With climate change and pollution found in catchments, water is threatened. Explanations with the Syndicate of drinking water and collective sanitation Sud Eure:

Dans l’Eure. Problème de pollution, baisse des nappes, pourquoi l’eau est une ressource menacée


The Vendée department will soon experiment with the “Jourdain” project, a pilot project in Europe, to transform wastewater into drinking water. It is a global circular water recovery program. Instead of being discharged into the open sea, part of the water from the Sables d’Olonne wastewater treatment plant will be recovered and treated in order to be reinjected into the drinking water circuits. This is an unprecedented project because currently, the reuse of wastewater and treated water is only possible for agricultural irrigation or watering green spaces:

“Jourdain” : un projet pilote en Europe, pour transformer les eaux usées en eau potable


What do we know about hospital micropolluants? To what extent are health actors aware of the impact of these substances on water and aquatic environments? What levers do they have to reduce them? The 13 research projects carried out as part of the national “Urban water micropolluants” system provide unprecedented feedback on these issues. The main results are brought together in this document, for the use of hospital and healthcare players:

[Rapport OFB] Micropolluants émis par le secteur de la santé : prendre soin aussi de l’eau


Freshwater ecosystems around the world are threatened by climate change. Thus, by 2030, global water demand will exceed supply capacities by 40%. HCL Group is committing $15 million over five years to support water-focused entrepreneurs – “aquapreneurs” – who can drive innovation in freshwater resource management through the Aquapreneur Innovation Initiative program. The initiative is supported by the World Economic Forum’s UpLink platform:

HCL Commits $15 million to address global freshwater insecurity

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