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Smart Water business intelligence week 15/08/2022


The new World Bank report – Seeing the Invisible: A Strategic Report on Groundwater Quality – describes why and how groundwater quality is vital to human health, agriculture, industry and the environment:

Banque mondiale : Seeing the Invisible: A Strategic Report on Groundwater Quality


An international team of researchers has developed a new type of strong and elastic two-dimensional (2D) membrane. The invention could prove useful, for example, for detecting antibiotic residues in water:

New nanoparticle-based material could help detect antibiotics in water


The European Commission has published guidelines to help Member States and stakeholders apply the rules for the safe reuse of treated urban waste water for agricultural irrigation. As several Member States increasingly suffer from droughts, the reuse of water from urban waste water treatment plants can become an essential tool to guarantee a secure and predictable source of water, while reducing the pressure on water bodies and strengthening the EU’s capacity to adapt to climate change:

Water scarcity: European Commission advises on safe water reuse in agriculture


In Ivory Coast, the project to clean up and improve the living environment in the district of Abidjan (Paaca) is finally starting. The Ivorian Prime Minister, Patrick Jérôme Achi launched the works on July 28, 2022. The project supported by the African Development Bank (ADB) with a loan of 40.96 billion CFA francs (about 62.45 million euros) “comes consolidate the achievements of the Gourou Watershed Integrated Management Project completed in 2017 with the installation of rainwater drainage facilities to fight against floods”, indicates the Ivorian Ministry of Hydraulics, Sanitation and Sanitation:

CÔTE D’IVOIRE : le gouvernement lance des travaux d’assainissement à Abidjan

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