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Smart Water business intelligence week 16/01/2023


Digital sustainability, a key concept in today’s world, stems from the profound digital transformation that businesses are facing and the need for them to leverage their data to add value. Understanding this concept and knowing how to be digitally sustainable in the water sector is also essential in terms of flexibility, operability and savings:

Five advantages of digital sustainability in the water sector


Every year, 20% of French water escapes from the pipes. It is sometimes long and complicated to find the leak points, but technology is increasingly helping to find small holes in large pipes:

Innovation : ces robots qui luttent contre les fuites d’eau en ville


Adaptation to climate change, a major challenge for the French Government, following the exceptional drought situation of the past year and the forest fires. In this context, the Prime Minister’s request to launch major territorial ecological planning projects has been heard. As President of the National Water Committee, Jean Launay submitted his summary to Bérangère Couillard, Secretary of State for Ecology:

Face au changement climatique, le comité national de l’eau présidé par Jean Launay propose ses solutions au gouvernement


Funded by Horizon Europe, called “Clean Environment and Zero Pollution”, the main objective of UPWATER is to assess the effectiveness of different preventive measures (e.g. regulation, governance and other non-technological measures) for minimize the release of pollutants into groundwater bodies:

Kick off of new EU-funded project UPWATER to prevent the release of chemicals to groundwater

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