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Smart Water business intelligence week 16/10/2023


Aqua Publica Europea has just published its Manifesto for the 2024 European elections. 5 priorities to achieve fair, efficient and sustainable management of water resources in Europe:

2024 EU Elections: Manifesto for a fair, effective and sustainable management of water resources in Europe


Aging water systems face a number of challenges, including a growing and urbanizing population, water scarcity and more extreme weather events, an aging workforce, and increasing expectations from client. For such reasons, water utilities around the world are turning to more advanced operational management solutions using the Internet of Things (IoT):

Halifax Water Uses Advanced Pressure Management Pilot to Reduce Leakages


A proposed resolution aimed at creating a commission of inquiry into the state of the water network in France was tabled on October 4, 2023 at the National Assembly:

[AN] Quel état du réseau d’eau en France ?


Southern Water has just announced its investment plan for the period 2025-30, with an amount of £7.8 billion. This plan will deliver major improvements in water resilience, wastewater treatment and customer service, as well as environmental improvement and protection:

Southern Water submits record £7.8 billion Business Plan to Ofwat

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