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Smart Water business intelligence week 19/09/2022


The availability of water resources is threatened by climate change. The objective set during the Assises de l’eau in 2019 is to reduce water withdrawals by 25% in 15 years, which raises a need for modernization and renewal of existing networks. Faced with this challenge, Public Works companies are on the front line:

Site TP « acteurs pour la planète »


A cyberattack on a UK company that provides drinking water to 1.6 million customers has raised security concerns about the vulnerability of these utilities across drought-stricken Europe:

Cyber attack Raises Pressure on European Water Providers During Drought


Announced at the conclusion of the French “Varenne agricole de l’eau”, the decree relating to the quantitative management of the resource outside the low water period, exacerbates the divisions between the agricultural world, nature protection associations and communities:

Varenne agricole de l’eau : le décret controversé sur les volumes hivernaux prélevables est paru


The project will rehabilitate the existing water main and distribution system and expand the network. It will also build 26 new water pumping stations and rehabilitate old ones, 25 new drinking water storage tanks and 25 new chlorination stations. For wastewater, the project will lay 55 km of new sewer network, rehabilitate 74.7 km of the existing network and finance a treatment plant in Șeica Mare:

EU approves over €65 million for water and wastewater infrastructure in Romania

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