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Smart Water business intelligence week 22/01/2024


In 2023, the water sector has seen significant mergers and acquisitions, reorganizing the water landscape and its players. In this article, we will mainly focus on the largest buyouts in the United States and Europe and their consequent impact on the sector:

A look at 2023’s major water acquisitions


MIT chemical engineers create zwitterionic hydrogel system for single-step water treatment with minimal environmental footprint:

A new way to swiftly eliminate micropollutants from water


A new study by researchers at the Columbia Climate School highlights the significant presence of nano plastics in bottled water:

Bottled Water Can Contain Hundreds of Thousands of Previously Uncounted Tiny Plastic Bits, Study Finds


Governor Ron DeSantis just awarded $20 million in the Biscayne Bay Water Quality Improvement Grant Program:

Florida Governor awards $20 Million for Water Quality Improvement Projects in Biscayne Bay

Smart Water business intelligence