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Smart Water business intelligence week 30/01/2023


After a “historic” drought in 2022 and its repetitions to come in a context of climate change, the alerts on the deterioration of the quality of water and its availability are exacerbated. The FNCCR is pleased that water has been recognized in the first two ecological planning projects carried out by the Government. However, the issue of resource conservation remains unambitious. Despite the extremely short deadlines allocated to this project in view of the challenges, the FNCCR is fully committed and has formulated 15 proposals in particular:

[FNCCR] Des ambitions trop limitées en matière de reconquête de la qualité de l’eau


Leak detection, video inspection, milling of sediments and roots: so many operations that specialized robots can perform in pipes instead of human operators:

Inspection et réparation des canalisations : la place des robots


The French government has been working for a few months on a sobriety plan aimed at reducing water consumption in the country. This project was to be presented this Thursday, January 26, but the presentation has been postponed for a few weeks. The executive nevertheless leaked the main lines of the tracks envisaged:

Sécheresse : quelles sont les pistes du plan de sobriété du gouvernement pour lutter contre le manque d’eau ?


The Eau de Paris operator is launching its first participatory budget of €250,000 to support various projects related to drinking water in Paris:

Eau de Paris mise sur la contribution citoyenne

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