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With the acquisition of eSoftThings based in Cesson Sévigné (Ile-et-Villaine), Lacroix Group consolidates its R&D center already present in the Rennes basin and strengthens its positioning around industrial IoT (Internet of things) and intelligence artificial:

Lacroix group acquiert la start-up esoftthings, experte dans l’iot et l’intelligence artificielle


Pesticides, pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors. These emerging contaminants are often detected in treated domestic wastewater, even after secondary treatment. The team of Professor Patrick Drogui from the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) tested the elimination effectiveness of a tertiary treatment based on electricity, in collaboration with the European Institute of membranes in Montpellier and Paris-Est University:

L’électricité pour dégrader des polluants qui échappent aux traitements des eaux


Following the health crisis this year, public procurement regulations have evolved. This article provides a summary of the new measures in force:

Actualités Commande publique


The European Investment Bank has just granted € 190 million to Evides, a Dutch public water supply company, to improve and maintain its distribution network to make it more resistant to the impacts of the climate. The project is expected to guarantee or improve the water quality of nearly 2.5 million inhabitants in three provinces in the south of the Netherlands:

Netherlands: EIB supports climate resilience of drinking water

Smart Water business intelligence