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The Korea Water Resources Corp. (K-water) has just unveiled its vision, in terms of digital transformation and innovative technologies in the management of water quality to become the “world’s leading water management company”:

K-water seeking to be world’s top water management firm


Researchers at Northwestern University have developed new technology to assess water quality in minutes. Similar to a pregnancy test, the portable platform uses a sample to provide an easy-to-read positive or negative result. When the test detects a contaminant that exceeds US EPA standards, it turns green. The test can detect 17 different contaminants, including toxic metals such as lead and copper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and cleaning products. The flexibility of the solution allows researchers to constantly update to detect more pollutants:

‘Pregnancy test for water’ delivers fast, easy results on water quality


The water agency publishes its new report on the state of the water in the Rhône-Mediterranean and Corsica basins. Almost half of the rivers and 85% of the water tables are in good ecological condition in the Rhône-Mediterranean basin, as well as 91% of the rivers and 100% of the groundwater in Corsica:

Quel est l’état de santé des eaux en Rhône-Méditerranée et en Corse ?


Emmanuel Macron announced the main lines of France’s economic recovery plan, which he wants to be an ecological, industrial and environmental model. At least 100 billion euros more will be devoted to industrial, ecological, local, cultural and educational revival, to allow France to bounce back from the Covid-19 crisis:

Relance : le gouvernement annonce des investissements pour la transition écologique

Smart Water business intelligence