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An article to understand the aim of the European Green Deal, how it is structured, how to get involved, the chronology, the context and the interesting contacts:

European Green Deal call


Trimble Water has announced the international deployment of its digital water solutions. Their range includes both measurement and remote transmission equipment as well as a remote supervision software platform. It is an actor with which we must now count on the world market:

Trimble takes digital water solutions global


The objective of UN-Water’s Global Sanitation and Drinking Water Analysis and Assessment (GLAAS) is to provide decision-makers with a reliable, accessible and comprehensive analysis of investments that are conducive to making informed decisions regarding sanitation, drinking water and hygiene:

UN-Water Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water (GLAAS)


Presentation of the recovery plan proposed by the FNCCR around 14 proposals and 29 local works. Regarding the water cycle, these proposals focus on a better investment management:

Plan de relance : la FNCCR présente 14 propositions et 29 travaux de proximité

Smart Water business intelligence