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Smart Water business intelligence week 03/07/2023


A thematic dialogue at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bonn in June this year showed how nations can tackle the climate crisis more effectively by adopting a holistic and interconnected approach that addresses the water-energy-food nexus:

How Climate Technology Connects to Action on Water, Energy and Food


A team of researchers from Brown and Caldwell University (USA) has published research to revolutionize the cost-effective and environmentally safe removal of nutrients from wastewater:

Research team completes pioneering nutrient removal study in wastewater


Known as “eternal chemicals”, the presence of PFAS in water and food has raised concerns among health and environmental authorities, who are already working to build a robust regulatory framework, while advancing knowledge of their risks:

PFAS risk management in drinking water: an overview


Ofwat today confirmed its final decision to license 33 water-related infrastructure projects, totaling £2.2bn, with work to start in the next two financial years, from 2023-24. This follows a public consultation on Ofwat’s initial announcement on the scheme in April 2023:

Ofwat gives go ahead to accelerate schemes totalling £2.2bn

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