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Smart Water business intelligence week 10/07/2023


River, underground water table, drinking water production station, water tower, sewer, rainwater, wastewater treatment plant… All these elements are part of the small water cycle, a kind of “human parenthesis” in the natural water cycle. A small cycle essential for the preservation of our resources and the environment, but yet largely unknown to the general public. A small cycle that I invite you to (re)discover in this article which traces the different stages of the journey of water, from its collection to its release into the natural environment:

Petit cycle de l’eau : de quoi parle-t-on ?


Problems like food waste and hunger are becoming increasingly pressing, and new technologies are available to provide innovative solutions. The water crisis is one such problem that new businesses are tackling to create a better future. Check out some of the creative new startups changing the water industry:

10 Startups Helping to Solve the Water Crisis


In Île-de-France, tap water holds surprises for consumers. According to a report by the National Health Security Agency (ANSES), many groundwater tables contain unregulated pollutants:

Île-de-France : l’eau du robinet est-elle cancérigène ?


The United States Bureau of Reclamation has announced a notice of funding opportunity through President Biden’s bipartisan Infrastructure Act and the WaterSMART Basin Survey Program for the development of hydrological information and tools management tools that improve modeling and forecasting capabilities. These grants amount to $5 million with each project being limited to a maximum of $400,000. Applications must be submitted before October 17, 2023:

[USA] Biden-Harris Administration Makes Up to $5 Million Available for WaterSMART Funding Opportunities

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