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Smart Water business intelligence week 07/08/2023


After an unprecedented winter drought and with the summer of 2023 already underway, 68% of groundwater levels are below normal. At the beginning of July, 70 departments had already implemented water restrictions. All this risks further increasing the tensions over the distribution of water that emerged last summer but also this year with, in particular, the demonstrations against mega basins. So what should be done today to prepare for water shortages and avoid them as much as possible? Is the government’s water plan up to it? And how can we better manage the distribution of this common good? :

[BLAST] Manque d’eau : comment affronter la catastrophe ?


Researchers at CU Boulder have developed a new membrane water filtration system based on air bubbles that can help solve the world’s water shortage problems:

New membrane filtering technology at CU Boulder could help address water scarcity issues


By prefectural decree of July 31, the prefect of Gironde Étienne Guyot authorizes the supply of the Etex France Building Performance factory, producer of plasterboard in Saint-Loubès, on the right bank of Bordeaux, with treated water from the station. purification of the municipality. This is the first authorization of this type in Gironde. This will save the equivalent of the volume of 20 Olympic swimming pools per year:

Pour la première fois en Gironde, une usine va utiliser l’eau d’une station d’épuration à la place d’eau potable pour sa production


To improve water quality and increase access to sanitation services in Brazil, IFC signs a strategic partnership with the Brazilian sanitation company Sociedade de Abastecimento de Água e Saneamento S.A. (Sanasa). The partnership includes a blue loan of BRL 260 million (approximately $52 million) and strategic advisory services to support the company’s 2023-2025 capital plan:

IFC’s Blue Loan to Sanasa Will Help Improve Access to Water and Sanitation in Brazil

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