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Smart Water business intelligence week 31/07/2023


In line with the “Water Plan” announced by the government last March, the Itea union (industrialists in water transport and sanitation) recommends the creation of a fund dedicated to investment in the renewal of networks water:

Un « Fonds Bleu » pour la gestion de l’eau


Researchers at Oregon State University College of Engineering are developing technology to convert wastewater into a product that would simultaneously irrigate and fertilize crops:

Oregon State researchers developing technology to make wastewater usable for irrigation


Voies navigables de France (VNF) and the water agencies are strengthening their partnership aimed at promoting coordinated water management at the catchment area level. Objective: to accelerate VNF’s water management strategy for more detailed management of water resources in the navigable network, to spread the successful experiments implemented in the catchment areas:

Gestion intégrée des ressources en eau : quand VNF et les agences de l’eau essaiment leurs projets


The World Bank’s Board of Directors has approved a Results-Based Program worth $350 million to support the Government of Morocco in the implementation of its National Drinking Water Supply and Water Supply Program. (PNAEPI, 2020-2027), in the context of the 30-year National Water Plan (PNE, 2020-2050):

Un nouveau Programme de la Banque mondiale au Maroc soutient les efforts en faveur de la sécurité et de la résilience de l’eau pour tous

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