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Smart Water business intelligence week 08/05/2023


Funded by the European Union and coordinated by the International Office for Water (OiEau), the “InnWater” project aims to improve and develop innovations in the management of water resources:

Eau : lancement d’un projet européen de gestion des ressources à Limoges


The Romag Aquacare solution aims to prevent any risk of contamination. To achieve this, it is developing its connected container, with the help of the University of Engineering and Architecture of Friborg and the SME Earlybyte:

Contrôler la qualité de l’eau à la source : l’innovation de Romag Aquacare est en développement


Christophe Béchu (Minister for the Ecological Transition) announces the creation of a ministerial unit which will make it possible to monitor in real time which municipalities have drinking water problems and to support them:

Sécheresse : Christophe Béchu annonce la création d’une cellule ministérielle


The EIB financing will support the CIIP investment plan for the period 2023-2027 for a total amount of 208 million euros, contributing to improving the integrated water service:

Italy: EIB provides CIIP with €50 million to improve water service in Ascoli Piceno and Fermo

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