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Smart Water business intelligence week 15/05/2023


Most of the Pyrénées-Orientales department officially goes into “drought crisis”. Among the measures announced, the temporary ban on the sale of above-ground and inflatable pools:

Restrictions d’eau dans les Pyrénées-Orientales : “Il y aura des contrôles chez les particuliers”, prévient le préfet


Implementing smart and connected systems for water supply and sanitation infrastructure has clear benefits and will come with time. However, the sector being today in lack of digitization, this transition must be agile and well supervised:

Researchers determine how to digitalize, optimize and safeguard water management in smart cities


Ofwat has today put in place new measures to ensure companies face penalties if they fail to fully monitor their stormwater outfalls. All companies will have targets for reducing the average number of overflows from stormwater overflows, and failure to meet these targets will result in financial penalties. When storm overflows do not have a working monitor, Ofwat will assume that spills from these overflows are twice as severe as the current average to push companies to ensure monitors are working in the first place:

Ofwat (UK) to penalise companies for failing to monitor storm overflows


Yorkshire Water has published contract notices, valued at nearly £3billion, for its proposed AMP8 capital investment scheme. The organization is seeking an alliance to deliver its stormwater programme, which is expected to cost £1.3billion in investment over the next 10 years to reduce sewage overflows into waterways :

Yorkshire Water puts contractors on bid alert for £3 billion framework deals

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