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Smart Water business intelligence week 13/05/2024


A study by NASA researchers provides new estimates of how much water flows through Earth’s rivers, how fast it flows into the ocean, and how much those two numbers have fluctuated over time. over time. Crucial information for understanding the planet’s water cycle and managing its fresh water reserves:

NASA’s New Global Accounting of Earth’s Rivers Reveals “Fingerprints” of Intense Water Use


After industry, the world of water is seeing the emergence of advanced digital tools exploiting installation data to make forecasts, optimize processes, research performance, etc. Provided that a few basic conditions are respected, operators can derive benefits from it. certain benefits:

Intelligence artificielle : qu’apporte-t-elle au monde de l’eau ?


Legal advice from Landot & Associés in the management of dangerous intermunicipal equipment issues:

[VIDEO] Eau et assainissement : que faire quand il s’agit d’intercommunaliser des équipements trop dangereux ?


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Swiss government are contributing 2.7 million euros to complete the modernization of water and wastewater treatment infrastructure in Tajikistan:

EBRD and Switzerland improve water supply in Tajikistan

Smart Water business intelligence