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Smart Water business intelligence week 06/05/2024


The renewable water resource, essential for various anthropogenic uses and the functioning of aquatic environments, has decreased by 14% in France over the last fifteen years. This trend is expected to worsen, particularly in the summer period, with climate change, according to a France Stratégie note:

Prélèvements et consommations d’eau : quels enjeux et usages ?


Dyes, such as those used in the textile industry, are major water pollutants. At TU Wien (Austria), filters based on cellulose waste have been developed for effective treatment of this pollution:

Nanofibers rid water of hazardous dyes


Just like energy, water is a major issue in the ecological transition. And if the challenges of its preservation and management are already, to a large extent, integrated and addressed, its direct link with energy savings is at best undervalued, at worst completely ignored, warns Sébastien Marlier in this forum, Managing Director of BWT France:

[Tribune] L’eau, grande oubliée des économies d’énergie


The €41 million Duleek to Navan water main project will ensure water supply to the community. It will also secure the supply of drinking water in County Meath:

Irish Water €41m investment to safeguard water supply in Navan

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