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Smart Water business intelligence week 19/07/2021


With an average water loss 3% lower than the European one set in 2020 at 23%, France is in fifth position in the ranking of the most virtuous countries in this area. Charles-Alexandre Concedieu, France Sales Manager at Itron, returns in this forum to the main issues facing water management (network renovation, leaks, defective meters, etc.) and the solutions available to communities. :

[Tribune] La numérisation au service d’une meilleure gestion de l’eau


Microplastics are found in the soil as well as in the oceans, rivers and lakes and are now an integral part of our environment. However, the extent of this pollution remains difficult to apprehend due to detection difficulties. Scientists at the University of Portsmouth offer a cost-effective solution to help detect microplastics in wastewater:

Une méthode de quantification plus efficace des microplastiques contenus dans les eaux usées


A new Eurobarometer survey shows that European citizens believe climate change is the most serious problem facing the world. More than nine in ten respondents consider climate change to be a serious problem (93%), almost eight in ten (78%) consider it to be very serious:

Eurobarometer Survey: Europeans consider climate change the most serious problem facing the world


It is thought to be inexhaustible, but fresh water, the water we need to drink and grow food, is actually a finite resource. Zoom in on a situation much more worrying than it appears:

Marché : quand l’eau devient un actif financier et une thématique d’investissement

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