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Smart Water business intelligence week 20/06/2022


Phosphorus is an essential but often overlooked resource that is vital to life on Earth and is mined from phosphate rock for use in crop fertilizers, livestock feeds and feed additives. A new scientific report warns that the global mismanagement of this nutrient is causing a double crisis, highlighted with soaring fertilizer prices in recent months. Global food security remains at risk as many farmers struggle to source enough phosphorus fertilizer for their crops. Meanwhile, overuse of fertilizers and polluted sewage pump millions of tons of phosphorus into lakes and rivers every year, damaging biodiversity and affecting water quality:

Scientists offer solutions to global phosphorus crisis that threatens food and water security


In Tunisia, a company has developed a technology that replicates the phenomenon of morning dew. Their machine, the Kumulus, manages to capture humidity from the ambient air and transform it into drinking water:

VIDÉO. Des ingénieurs tunisiens inventent une machine pour transformer l’air ambiant en eau potable


Residents or neighbors of a drinking water reserve may be entitled to compensation if their rights to use the land are reduced in the interest of water protection, the French Court of Cassation ruled in a recent judgment:

La protection de la ressource en eau potable peut entraîner une indemnisation, selon la Cour de cassation


The World Bank’s Board of Directors has approved the Horn of Africa Ground Water for Resilience Project (HoAGWRP), a new multi-phase project with $385 million in financing from the International Development Association (IDA) that will strengthen the region’s capacity to adapt to the effects of climate change on water:

World Bank Provides $385 Million to Horn of Africa Countries to Tap Groundwater Potential and Boost Climate Resilience

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