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Smart Water business intelligence week 27/06/2022


Securing drinking water production sites, treatment plants or industrial water has beneficial effects on process monitoring. When done well, it leads to improved performance and reduced maintenance:

Sécuriser les installations pour gagner en performances


Digital technology has become a major issue and tool in the water cycle professions and in particular in water and sanitation. How to approach, how to implement, how to succeed in this aspect of management and operation? The office of the western section of Astee offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the experience acquired by local authorities through several themes:

[Webinaire ASTEE] Le numérique au service du cycle de l’eau


The sale of precipitated phosphorus (from sewage treatment plants) as a fertilizer will be legal throughout the EU from July 2022. This is a step towards the circular economy, regional food security and the improvement of Waterways:

New EU regulations make selling precipitated phosphorus appealing for water utilities


The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is seeking volunteers for 22 new research projects funded through its Priority Research Program. The various research projects listed below will benefit all areas of the water cycle (drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and recycled water) in an integrated manner. RFPs for these projects will be posted in late September 2022:

WRF Funds 22 New Projects to Advance the Science of Water

Smart Water business intelligence