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Smart Water business intelligence week 21/06/2021


Video from Agence de l’eau Loire-Bretagne on the fight against water leaks and ways to save resources. What solutions are implemented in town and in the countryside with a focus on sectorization counters:

[Vidéo AELB] Lutter contre les fuites d’eau et économiser la ressource


Industrialists and academic laboratories are joining forces to develop a completely new wastewater treatment system, responding to both micropollutants and energy efficiency issues:

SAVE : vers une nouvelle filière d’épuration


The first round of departmental elections begins on Sunday, June 20, 2021. France Bleu Auxerre offers some of the keys to better understand the challenges of this election. In this article, focus on the protection of water resources, a departmental competence:

Élections départementales dans l’Yonne : la qualité de l’eau potable passée au crible


A territorial water & climate contract of 77 million euros will be set up by the Eau de Paris authority over the period 2020-2024:

Un flot de liquidités pour préserver l’eau potable

Smart Water business intelligence