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Smart Water business intelligence week 22/04/2024


A mission to develop a weather service for water quality will be scaled nationally in the UK through a partnership with Australia:

Australia joins with UK to deliver large-scale water quality monitoring from space


Scientists at the Indian Institute of Science have developed a new 3D hydrogel material capable of adsorbing and degrading large volumes of microplastic:

New Hydrogel Material Removes Microplastics From Water


The United States has set federal limits on PFAS in drinking water for the first time. This new regulation requires operators to reduce chemicals to the lowest level that can be measured reliably. Officials say this will reduce the exposure of 100 million people and help prevent thousands of diseases, including cancers:

New US limits on toxic forever chemicals in drinking water expected to save thousands of lives


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi recently inaugurated 16 water and wastewater projects worth 170 trillion rials (about $340 million) in the capital Tehran:

Water, wastewater management projects worth $340m inaugurated in Tehran

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