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Smart Water business intelligence week 29/04/2024


European Commission expert Emanuele Quaranta explains how the digital revolution can benefit the EU water sector:

How can the European water sector benefit from the digital revolution


A surprising photomolecular effect discovered by MIT researchers could affect climate change calculations and lead to improved desalination and drying processes:

How light can vaporize water without the need for heat


A methodology developed by the JRC will support the European Water Framework Directive in the area of monitoring microplastics in tap water in the EU:

New methodology to measure microplastics in EU’s drinking water


Finance ministers from across Latin America and the Caribbean met recently in Washington, D.C., to discuss mobilizing $372 billion over the next five years to combat the water and sanitation crisis. sanitation in the region:

Finance Ministers from Latin America and the Caribbean Target US$372 Billion Investment in Water and Sanitation

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