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Smart Water business intelligence week 30/08/2021


The world is not on track to achieve water and sanitation for all by 2030, according to new updates on progress on SDG 6 launched today by the United Nations Initiative. UN-Water integrated monitoring:

SDG6 update: the world is off-track


The Horizon 2020 DESOLINATION project started on June 1, 2021 and will last 48 months until May 2025. During this period, innovative technologies related to both concentrated solar energy and desalination will be designed to improve the efficiency of the concepts existing. Not only will improvements be made to independent systems but also to their coupling by taking advantage of interactions and mutual potentialities. The final demonstration system will be a 2 MWel power plant built in Saudi Arabia bringing together two promising technologies combined for the first time to achieve unprecedented yields:

What is the DESOLINATION H2020 project?


Preservation of resources for future generations, perfluoroalkylated substances, inclusion of aquatic ecosystems in the world heritage: review of the provisions concerning water in the climate law adopted on July 20, 2021:

Loi climat et résilience : les compromis et consensus concernant l’eau


New $ 115 million project funded jointly by the Government of Canada, the Government of Manitoba and the City of Brandon to add a membrane treatment facility, which will help Brandon meet and exceed requirements water quality, in addition to increasing capacity and operational redundancy:

Le Canada et le Manitoba investissent dans des infrastructures d’eau potable et la prévention des inondations

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