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SUEZ today announces the conclusion of an exclusive agreement with Veolia for the sale of the French subsidiary OSIS, a multi-specialist in sanitation services. This agreement guarantees a solid future for OSIS. The transaction, which is binding on the parties subject to the approval of the regulatory authorities and the usual conditions precedent, including consultation of employee representative bodies, should be concluded during the first half of 2021:

SUEZ en négociations exclusives pour la vente d’OSIS


A new building concept has just emerged in Grenoble. Here, the building must be able to supply itself with energy and water. A feat which will nevertheless have to prove itself over time:

De nouveaux bâtiments quasiment autonomes en énergie et en eau


The EU Assembly of regional and local representatives has been asked by one of its members to review the adequacy of the European Water Directive in the current context of health crisis and climate change. A summary of these exchanges is presented in this press release:

Not upgrading water legislation compromises the EU’s zero-pollution ambition


The OECD is hosting its 7th Green Finance and Investment Forum as a fully virtual event. Registration is open to participate in the discussions that will be held from October 6 to 9, 2020:

Forum Green Finance & Investment 2020

Smart Water business intelligence