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An international team of researchers led by the University of Adelaide has developed a new method to better understand the drivers of water theft, a significant worldwide phenomenon, and deterrents to help protect this essential resource:

According to Interpol, thieves steal as much as 30-50% of the world’s water supply annually


Harsonic, a Belgian company created in 2010, offers a plug and play ultrasound solution capable of preventing and eliminating biofilm on pipes, filters, pumps, without any chemical product. The solution obtained the SolarImpulse label in March 2020:

Ultrasound biofilm removal technology


Summary of INRAE’s work to better detect the average concentrations of pesticides in watercourses and assess the impacts they may have on the aquatic environment in connection with the French Water Framework Directive (FWD):

Développement d’outils intégratifs passifs et de biomonitoring pour mieux mesurer la qualité de l’eau


BLUES is a collaborative European project funded by the COSME program of the European Commission. The main challenge is to boost the competitiveness of SMEs by developing their opportunities for international collaborations, in particular through the organization of exchange trips with potential partners. The efficient management of water and resources is the common axis chosen by the project partners to initiate collaborations:

Blue and Eco industries cluster exchange for induStrial modernisation (BLUES)

Smart Water business intelligence