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More and more departments in France are affected by droughts. A phenomenon which leads specialists like hydrologist Emma Haziza to assert that France is facing a real water crisis:

Sécheresse : “Une crise de l’eau arrive” en France, affirme une spécialiste


The evolution of the European “drinking water” Directive 98/83 / EC provides for an evolution towards mandatory WSPs (Water Sanitary Safety Management Plans). The anticipatory rather than curative approach to these steps can be facilitated by ATP metrie technology:

Intégrer le risque microbiologique dans les PGSSE


Ofwat the English water regulator has ordered companies in the sector to reduce surface water pollution by nearly a third by 2025. Another requirement of Ofwat adds to the challenge, no increase in customer bills during the 2020-2025 investment period, further strengthening the case for cost-effective data-driven solutions, smart analytics and innovative technologies:

Be bold to cut pollutions, water companies urged


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has just granted a loan of € 6 million to the city of Banja Luka, the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina with 200,000 inhabitants, in order to carry out works for better water supply and better wastewater collection. The EBRD loan is part of the city’s € 56 million long-term investment plan to strengthen and expand its water and sanitation infrastructure:

EBRD to improve water supply in Banja Luka

Smart Water business intelligence