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Smart Water business intelligence week 18/09/2023


Water Europe recently published its report on the Water Innovation Europe 2023 conference, “EU Water Policy – What’s next?” », which ended in June, bringing together more than 180 participants from all over Europe:

New Water Innovation Europe 2023 report highlights need for a European Water-Smart strategy


The City of Bagnères-de-Bigorre has set up a system to very quickly identify water leaks. A 50% drop in losses has already been recorded:

Hautes-Pyrénées. Cette ville repère très rapidement les fuites d’eau grâce à la technologie


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recently announced that the Kingdom is establishing a global water organization, which will be based in Riyadh, to strengthen efforts to address water challenges. The organization aims to integrate and support attempts by governments and other organizations to sustainably preserve water resources. It plans to enable the exchange of expertise while advancing technology, fostering innovation and sharing research and development experiences. It will promote the implementation and financing of high priority projects, guaranteeing the sustainability of water resources and their accessibility for all:

Saudi Arabia establishes new global organization to address water challenges


In the process of desertification on part of its territory, Spain is preparing to invest 11.84 billion euros by 2027 to compensate for the lack of water, according to a government report published recently, in particular by focusing on desalination of seawater or reuse of wastewater, as the agricultural region of Murcia already does:

Pénurie d’eau : l’Espagne investit 12 milliards d’euros pour moderniser ses infrastructures

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