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Smart Water business intelligence week 25/09/2023


A new study on planetary boundaries has refined the projections and shows that the thresholds set for the blue water cycle, like that of green water before it, have now been exceeded. Undermining our resilience:

La sixième limite planétaire de l’eau douce est désormais franchie


Water loss from pipe leaks is unacceptable in the eyes of the public and regulators, but technology continues to advance and operators must continue to invest in innovation, support new ideas and share their findings:

[OVARRO] Moving leakage technology forward


While nearly 200 municipalities are still deprived of drinking water, the Minister of Ecological Transition believes that “the water crisis is not yet behind us” and warns elected officials about faulty pipes. In Mayotte, where demonstrations took place this weekend, the army will be mobilized to distribute water:

Sécheresse et pénuries d’eau : Christophe Béchu veut contraindre les élus locaux à rénover leurs réseaux d’eau


The U.S. Department of the Interior announced the launch of a new large-scale water recycling program and made $180 million in initial funding available from President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure law to projects to create new water supplies less vulnerable to drought and climate change:

Biden-Harris Administration launches $180 million large-scale water recycling program

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