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Smart Water business intelligence week 21/11/2022


A map from the World Resources Institute shows the countries of the world that will be most exposed to water stress by 2040, and France will not be spared:

Quels sont les pays qui souffriront le plus du manque d’eau d’ici 2040 ?


To protect digital assets in the ever-changing cybersecurity environment, best practices can be fragmented across utilities of different sizes across countries:

Demystifying Cybersecurity for Water Utilities


Access to water is a major social issue, especially in Occitania where drought and heat waves are increasingly alternating. The metropolis of Montpellier is considering a new drinking water pricing for 2023. With a free fraction for all and an additional cost for heavy consumers. A social and ecological vision explained to us by René Revol:

[France3 Régions] Eau potable “gratuite” et tarification sociale : 5 questions à René Revol pour comprendre le projet de la métropole de Montpellier


French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced on Monday an increase of 100 million euros in resources for water agencies in order to improve the performance of irrigation networks. “With these additional resources, the agency will notably be able to set up projects to prevent droughts which will, unfortunately, multiply”, she underlined, recalling that “climate change makes our work all the more necessary to preserve water resources”:

Le gouvernement augmente de 100 millions les moyens des agences de l’eau

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