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Smart Water business intelligence week 28/11/2022


A new scientific report, presented at COP27, shows that water is much more important in mitigating climate change than previously believed. Better water management is key to addressing the current food and energy crises, both of which are exacerbated by climate change:

Water is critical for success on climate action


The Publications Office of the European Union has published the new guidance note “Digitalization in the water sector, recommendations for policy developments at EU level” to provide an overview of current gaps in the EU legislative framework that hinder the realization of the benefits of digitalisation in the water sector and offers concrete recommendations to overcome them:

Digitalisation in water sector – new Policy Brief released


Thames Water will have to return more than £50m to customers and Southern Water nearly £30m after missing key performance targets:

Thames Water and Southern Water to return almost £80m to customers for under performance


The Asian Development Bank (AfDB) at COP27 announced its ambition to mobilize more than $200 million from 2021 to 2025 to build water and sanitation resilience and security in Asia and the Pacific :

ADB Announces $200 Million Goal for Water Resilience Program

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