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Faced with an unprecedented crisis due to its scale and nature, water and sanitation operators have shown, since the beginning of the events, a remarkable capacity for resilience following the decisions to contain the population taken by most world governments::

Covid-19 et gestion de l’eau


The Pôle de l’eau du Grand Est HYDREOS and the 3 SATTs of Grand Est decide to pool their actions to provide new and concrete responses to the innovation needs of companies in the water sector using solutions from public research. This partnership will make it possible to identify and share innovative technologies stemming from public research in the territory, but also to pool business expertise (intellectual property, marketing, etc.) and market data:

Le Pôle de l’eau du Grand Est HYDREOS et les SATT s’allient pour dynamiser l’innovation des entreprises de la filière de l’Eau

Communiqué de presse du réseau SATT


In many European countries, people prefer to drink bottled water despite the fact that the quality standards of tap water in the European Union (EU) are high and that the water is not only drinkable, but also cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Recent political commitments to mitigate climate change and promote sustainable development, as well as pressure from society to improve access to water, have prompted the European Commission to take action to encourage European citizens reduce their consumption of bottled water:

“Untapping” tap water consumption in Europe


The European Commission has signed the grant agreement for WATER MINING, a € 17 million project to demonstrate innovative solutions for water resources. The WATER MINING project aims to provide examples of concrete implementation of the water framework directive to facilitate the transition to a circular economy:

European Commission greenlights €17 million international water project

Smart Water business intelligence