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What is Smart Water ?

Nowadays everything becomes Smart, from our current equipment to cities and services. It is in this logic that Smart Water or intelligent water networks emerged.

But concretely what is it?


The intelligence mentioned here is the ability to remotely measure in real time the parameters related to the resource (quality, temperature, PH, etc.) and to the network assets (security, flow, pressure, etc.). The objective is then to be able to control leaks and ensure water quality through supervision and centralized management.


Synthetic mapping of uses
Synthetic mapping of uses


This approach is therefore based on real-time data collection, transmission to centralized supervision, analysis and processing of information to initiate the appropriate action plan.


All of this equipment, however, requires energy and if there are today external sources of electrical power, we are convinced at Save Innovations that an energy recovery of network flows for the self-consumption of its intelligence remains a relevant alternative for the democratization of these practices.

Smart water