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European legal framework on water

The new version of the European Water Directive defines the legislative framework to be followed for the management of this resource.

But more precisely what are the indicators scrutinized?

If the control of water leaks is clearly mentioned, there is however no proposed quantified objective. This remains the responsibility of the member states, for example in France the average yield target has been set at 85%. However, for operators who supply water to a minimum of 50,000 people, there is an obligation to communicate online (in real time) about network performance efficiency and leakage rates.

Conversely, the quality of drinking water has a long list of parameters to monitor with the associated thresholds (details in the appendices starting on page 77 of the Directive). What is new in this version of the regulatory text, is to have to provide users with real-time quality measurements to show that the drinking water is of good quality. Mention is made in particular of the daily turbidity measurement obligation.