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The Toulouse administrative court was examining the request for cancellation of the Toulouse metropolitan area’s water management contracts on Thursday. Since 2020, distribution and sanitation have been entrusted to the private sector (Véolia and Suez). But according to elected officials, the rules were not respected:

Les contrats de gestion de l’eau confiés au privé contestés par des élus de la Métropole de Toulouse devant la justice


Birdz, a subsidiary of Veolia and a pioneer in environmental IoT, and Adeunis, the expert in IoT sensors and solutions, join their experiences and portfolios in order to provide public and service sector players with reliable and industrialized connected solutions for the environmental management of territories:

Birdz et Adeunis s’associent dans la création d’offres connectées conjointes au service de la politique environnementale des acteurs publics et tertiaires


If the Ministry of Ecological Transition sends positive signals for the development of the reuse of treated wastewater, for the actors, the regulatory framework would benefit from further facilitating the multiple uses of this resource:

Réutilisation des eaux usées : vers une ouverture à de nouveaux usages ?


Ofwat (UK), together with Defra, the Environment Agency, Drinking Water Inspectorate and CCW, wrote to water companies last year and challenged them to identify ways to support the UK’s green economic recovery after COVID-19. With this in mind, Ofwat now plans to support up to £ 850 million in new green investment projects. An additional £ 1.9bn for future environmental projects is planned and will be put forward to help a green recovery:

UK water sector to plunge £2.8 billion into the green recovery

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