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Since the end of 2020, companies have noticed production difficulties for some of their suppliers. They are indeed faced with the shortage of raw materials for their productions. It has a snowball effect. It is therefore difficult for companies to maintain prices and meet deadlines on construction sites. Also, the Channels ask the principals to be flexible:

Pénurie des matières premières: les Canalisateurs donnent l’alerte


The sourcing workshop organized by the Grand Est Region and HYDREOS made it possible to identify innovative solutions, which will now be implemented in the field:

Retour sur la première édition de l’atelier de sourcing Eau et innovation pour les Territoires


On the occasion of a press conference held on Monday, May 17, Bérangère Abba, Secretary of State for Biodiversity, announced the introduction of an article creating a hydrological anticipation and monitoring committee in the code of the environment. This committee will be responsible for monitoring and better managing drought episodes:

Face à la sécheresse, le gouvernement réclame de l’anticipation


The Adour-Garonne water agency would like to obtain better water quality and foresees that agriculture will have to adapt. The water agency is currently developing its plan for the period 2022-2027 which plans to invest 3.1 billion euros, or 516 million euros per year. The climatic outlook is clear: “Water resource less abundant and more variable, degradation of the water quality of rivers, weakened aquatic biodiversity, droughts, more frequent and more intense floods, coastal frontage subject to marine submersion and erosion coastal “. Clearly, this means another irrigation, new crops, another marine fauna, and an endangered coastline on the Basque and Landes coasts:

Réchauffement climatique : moins d’eau dans l’Adour et plus de sécheresse dans 30 ans

Smart Water business intelligence